Our team is organized in a trade network, both nationally and internationally, which receives ongoing support from our headquarters in Valencia. This sets us apart, making us leaders in this format of web management.
We operate in three main sectors: the construction sector, the industry sector and the agriculture sector. Within each, we have a wide variety of specialized machines whatever their need.








We study and develop projects for mounts own highly qualified staff.

We specialize in equipment for warehouses and industrial and commercial furniture market. With leading solutions covered in the ISO-9001: 2000.                                                      

We participated with the most prestigious engineering in over 100 projects.










We have a wide portfolio of land in urban and rustic property.

The last 10 years performed a self project planning in the province of Castellón.

Specifically Urbanization encuentraa Seormar is just 4 km from Castellón de la Plana.

In this development you will find residential land, commercial or business use to develop their businesses. w                                                                                                             

If you are interested in equity investments in our developments, please contact





Regarding our operating division, we have several farms located around the 40th parallel north, some almost at sea level and other to elevation of 300 meters above that level. 

This, together with the different orientations of the farms allows a range of different microclimates and makes different varieties have a greater presence in time, always with the highest organoleptic qualities.

The farms are located in the regions of Alta Plana and Azahar in Castellón province, which is the northernmost provinces of Valencia.







Our extensive knowledge and business relationships with construction SMEs and manufacturers of all types of materials, allow us to introduce you and give you acccess to all this goodwill.

Our region account for 95% of the Spanish production of ceramics.

40 years of experience serving the industry of building materials behind us.

If you have any need or project it considers to be of interest to us, please contact us.

Our architecture ang engineering department will be happy to assit you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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Almacar International Trade
Almazora (Castellón)
(+34) 964 560 023

Calle Industria, 8 Poligono Industrial Mijares 12550 Almazora (Castellón) 

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